Soulistic Shamanism and Psychotherapy is an approach which integrates psychotherapy and shamanic healing

Our mission is to offer

  • A therapeutic approach which is creative, supportive, has depth and enables growth.
  • An approach grounded in academic literature.
  • An approach which enables you to overcome difficulties, to grow, to connect with yourself, your guides, other people and the divine; enabling your energy to flow unhindered, as you flow with your life.
  • To build a shamanic community
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What is Soulistic Shamanism and Psychotherapy?

Soulistic Shamanism and Psychotherapy is an integration of traditional healing methods and modern-day psychotherapy. Having trained in both shamanism and psychotherapy we were fascinated with how we could integrate both psychotherapy and shamanic healing, to develop a more holistic/ soulistic approach.

It is our belief that we are made up of energetic bodies, energetic vibrations, the densest being the physical body and the soul incarnates into this dense energetic body. These energetic bodies hold energy / experiences from past lives, ancestors, conception, birth, as well as childhood and life events.

We believe there is a natural flow between the soul and the physical body which may become blocked; causing a multitude of problems, therefore, healing and growth is perceived as enabling energy to flow, enabling deep connection with self, other and the divine.

Do you feel lonely, disconnected, anxious? is your mood low?

Problems emerge when a person is disconnected from themselves, others, and spirits/guides or when a critical incident happens internally or externally. Prior experiences, as well as triggering events, can cause a disconnection with self and / or loss of energy / soul. All of this feeds into the perception of self, the world and other people.

How can soulistic shamanism and psychotherapy help you?

Our therapeutic approach, grounded in academic literature and our thirty plus years of therapeutic experience, offers a healing approach for both the soul and the self. We use interventions from both shamanism and from psychotherapy to help you become you, a connected being, who is supported to overcome difficulties and connect with your life flow. We use techniques such as soul retrieval, past life healing, cognitive restructuring, spiritual resonance, and many more depending on your need.


We work from an experiential perspective, creatively developing unique treatment plans based on my theory and who you uniquely are.