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A video how to connect with your spirit guides and soul retrieval with Jillian Schofield

An Introduction to Shamanism with Jillian Schofield



I have been fortunate enough to experience two shamanic constellation therapies with Jill Schofield over the past year, to work on two different issues, and wow!!! What an affect both have had on my life!! The process works in such a way that you really do get to the very core or foundational aspect of what has caused you issues during this lifetime, bringing recognition to it and then allowing it to be healed, as part of the process. It allows for a real deep dive into your psyche, that you just couldn’t achieve on your own. Jill then provides such a safe and secure environment for you to release emotion and dissolve the issues found.

In conclusion I haven’t felt as at peace, as I do now, ever in my lifetime. I have a much stronger sense of self, more self value and healthy boundaries with family and friends as an effect of the work we’ve done.

I couldn’t recommend this process more, it really is life changing.