We offer several workshops and personal growth opportunities using an integration of psychotherapy and traditional healing methods, from free introductory sessions to experiential days, to practitioner training. These are delivered evenings, half days and full day workshops. Most workshops can be delivered online or face to face. 

My approach to delivering workshops is to teach you a skill you can use in the future. Whilst having fun, shamanic healing is very serious but if you come with an open mind a lot of laughing is guaranteed!

Workshops are all capped at 12 people, whether they are virtual or in person. I have a responsibility to ensure everyone learns and can take from the workshops what they need, which I can only do with a maximum of 12 people.

Also keep an eye on the resources page as we release new free resources regularly.

We believe in flow, and my workshops follow a flow, a process, from

  • An introduction to shamanism
  • A shamanic group who meets fortnightly on a Saturday morning
  • A shamanic practitioner course,
  • An advanced Practitioner course,
  • Teacher training course, this is for people who wish to run their own shamanic courses,
Jillian Schofield

Introduction to Shamanism 

Why choose this workshop?

This workshop is for people who want to develop a basic understand of shamanism.

On the workshop we learn about the shamanic cosmos, energy, we meet our guides and our power animals. I will also give a demonstration of an intervention.

Cost: Free

Saturday morning group

Why choose this workshop?

  • This group is for people who want to be part of a shamanic community, who want to learn about shamanism, how to heal ourselves and want to focus on an aspect of growth.

This group meet fortnightly for 2 hours on a Saturday

Cost: £25

Shamanic Healing and Personal Growth Practitioner Training

Why choose this course?

This training is for people who want to learn how to practice on other people, be that future clients, friends or family.

Our course is based on my experience and underpinned by academic literature. So not only do you learn how to be a shamanic practitioner, but you go through a healing process, a healing process using shamanic healing and psychotherapy.

It offers post-graduation support, and you can join a supervision group, to help you ensure you stay safe and ethical in your approach and gives you support as you take the steps into your own business.

The course is in two parts, the first part is where you learn how to undertake a shamanic assessment, relevant interventions and how to design a treatment plan. The second part is the personal development section which includes, cognitive behavioural interventions, befriending your judge, healing all karma, understanding your soul contract and much more

What will you receive?

  • A fully referenced handbook
  • A personalised healing process

What will you cover on the course?

  • Introduction to Shamanism
  • Introduction to working with energy
  • Shamanic cosmos
  • Shamanic Allies
  • Shamanic Tools
  • Journeying
  • Illness and Healing
  • Shamanic Assessment
  • Preparation for a shamanic assessment
  • Post assessment
  • Chakras
  • Interventions
  • Etheric Healing Tube
  • Past life healing
  • Soul retrieval
  • Soul Theft
  • Body part retrieval
  • Blocked energy, Psychosurgery & Entity removal
  • Psychopomp

The course is delivered at weekends, one Sunday a month for one year.

If required I can offer block teaching, on a case-by-case basis.

Cost: £1800

Advanced course

Why choose this workshop?

This course is for people who have completed the practitioner training.

It deepens the work undertaken in the Practitioner course and adds further psychotherapy teaching. So that you are able to deepen your shamanic practice with psychotherapeutic support. It also deepens your personal growth, understanding yourself, and connects you further with your personal life mission working with all your lives.

The course is delivered at weekends, one Sunday a month for one year.

If required I can offer block teaching, on a case-by-case basis.

Cost: £1800

Teacher training course – 6 months

This course is for people who have completed the previous workshops and are interested in running their own workshops. In these workshops we teach you about holding the space, group dynamics and working with process.

This course is ran for 6 sessions over 6 months.

Cost: 800


Why do I need supervision?

Supervision is a way to ensure we develop, that we are working ethically and doing the best we can for our clients. A supervisor help you work through your process in relation to your clients, seeing what you need and working as a constructive advisor. Two heads are often better than one!

As psychotherapists supervision has always been important to us. It ensures we grow and work ethically. What we noticed when we trained in shamanic healing is that there is no supervision. As such we offer supervision for anyone practicing as a psychotherapist or as a shamanic healer. In supervision you talk about your clients and how you are working, and we explore your development as a practitioner.

Supervision is usually monthly, although that is negotiable, and costs £65.