Anon UK

At the start of the day of the group, I feel an uplift in spirit. The sense of community, the personal development, support and friendship are all invaluable to me. The group is focused and nurturing but also fun. The spiritual development the group facilitated has been extremely valuable in dealing with life transitions and bereavement.

Anon UK

A space for like minded people to come together from all over the world helps us on so many levels, through mental, emotional and physical ups and downs through our lives. It enables insight into each aspect of our lives, from health to heritage to goals to issues and we all support each other through these processes.

Anon UK

Unlike other groups I was aware of, where the main focus was on spiritual practice of traversing the spiritual cosmos, Jill held space, a particular grounding energy that brought the spiritual into the physical reality by adopting a multi-pronged approach to healing.

Jill not only believed (like many other spiritual healers) that ailments that manifested in the physical held their core roots in the spiritual, caused by way of spiritual imbalance, therefore only dealing with the concern in the spiritual. But Jill often helped participants rationalise the issue, gleaning a deeper understanding and offered various perspectives, often leading to a more rounded view of the truth. Healing in this way, not only shifted the associated energy, but also helped change belief systems and perspectives, therefore healing the energetic body and the mind.

Craig, South Sudan

This particular group offered more than just opportunities for spiritual growth. I had found myself located in remote areas of South Sudan during a pandemic and lockdown, isolated from family and friends and this group welcomed me and for the first time in a long time, it felt like family. The group had a nurturing, compassionate and welcoming energy about it. The energy of each person complemented one another, and the group held the qualities that supported one another.

Jurate, Lithuania

I very much appreciate Jill’s ability to find new, and sometimes totally unexpected solutions to old problems. I also admire her openness to new experiences, and would like to learn more of this from her. She shares a lot of priceless new knowledge and insights with us.

In general, Jill could be described as a treasure chest full of various good things. 🙂