What to expect in a one-to-one or virtual session

Whether we meet in person or virtually you can expect a conversation to discuss what you would like from the sessions.

We will complete an energy assessment to see what your energy says. From that we will develop an idea of what is blocking you, what is causing the problems in your life, from that we develop a treatment plan. The approach taken will depend on your need, and my assessment; the approach would always be collaboratively decided.

We believe in teaching people to heal themselves, so the session would include a journey for you to connect with your energy and your guides, so your guides can help you, both in the session and in the future.

Interventions might include cognitive restructuring, trauma processing, soul retrieval, past life, ancestral healing, entity removal, behavioural experiments, chanting, movement and many more. A shamanic hand dance can be undertaken to transform old unhelpful beliefs into ones that can give clearer focus and growth.

It can be difficult for a person who has never connected with another person at a deep level to connect. Shamanic journeying can enable you to connect with guides, nature, and other-than-human persons; for some these may feel safer than humans.

The approach we  use is dependent on your need, if you want pure CBT then we can do that, if you lean more to the traditional healing methods, we can use those, or what we  feel works best is an approach to both the soul and the self, an integrative approach.

Siberia Shamanic Drumming

Personal Growth Experiential workshops

    What is it?

    These are personal growth workshops, to aid you to heal and grow. It is based on my integrative approach, integrating psychotherapy with traditional healing methods, based on cognitive behaviour therapy, gestalt therapy, shamanic healing and sound healing.

    What to expect?

    The experiential weekend will be focussed on what you wish to achieve, whether it is to overcome a problem or for personal development. We will work on the areas identified, whether through psychotherapy, shamanic healing, journeying, movement and/or sound. Whether it is to overcome anxiety, low mood, to work out why you are not making the next steps in your life, to help connect with others and/or yourself. To become more of who you are.

    The weekend will be experiential, we will explore each other’s energy, in which the story of ourselves unfolds, with a focus on what we wish to achieve. There will be an opportunity to learn how to connect with your spiritual guides, your power animals and learn about energy work.

    If you have never experienced a shamanic healing, then welcome to a whole new world of adventure. We may visit past lives, current lives, ancestors, the tree of life, blocks in energy, with a focus on enabling your energy to flow, so you can be you, both at a soul and self level.

    To deepen the learning, we integrate psychotherapy with the energetic shamanic way of working, so that you not only experience but you also integrate both at the soul and the self level.

    What do you need?

    An area to work on, an open mind, an imagination and a sense of humour-as we will laugh a lot.

    What is the cost?

    £250 for the weekend (student concessions available)